Play Local Co-Op Games Online

Parsec turns any local multiplayer game into an online game.

Remember plopping down on your friend's couch for some Smash Bros? It's like that, but online. Matchmaking and classic 1v1 couch gaming with a friend are all available through Parsec.

A New Way To Enjoy Local Multiplayer Games Online

The classics, emulators, and some of the most innovative indie games are built to be enjoyed with friends, but we all don't live near our friends anymore. Parsec's game streaming technology was built to relive those moments on the couch, so you can play local multiplayer games online and find people to game with anywhere.

Party Finder is our new matchmaking system that helps you meet new people, try new games, and enjoy local co-op online with anyone.

Local Multiplayer Games Online

Matchmaking for your favorite local co-op games

Lobbies and matchmaking defined the era of online gaming. But whether you're playing Cuphead, Overcooked, or Smash Bros, online multiplayer and matchmaking aren't available. Party Finder helps you find people and games to play with anyone in the Parsec Community. Only one person needs the game, and you can have multiple people join. The game is hosted on one person's computer and streamed to everyone else. It's the virtual couch for offline gaming.

I had been looking for a simple solution regarding emulating "couch" gaming, and just sharing a pc set up with friends for so long, and i had found ways, but it was so troublesome, glitchy, and not reliable. This is truly great.


Game streaming for virtual couch gaming

Parsec is built to put local co-op games online. As a host, you have granular permissions available to accept connections, give friends access to specific games, block access to other applications, and determine the exact input devices each person has access to on your computer. With an ultra-low latency stream at 60 FPS, virtual controller management for any number of players, and a highly dynamic bandwidth algorithm, we've done everything to make local co-op games feel native, even when you're 100s of miles away from your friends.

Parsec is so nice, didn't realize how potent couch co-op games can be online. Very easy to find a partner and have a blast in any co-op game now. After playing Mario Party, NSMB Wii, Brawl, Smash, and Cuphead over it. I'm absolutely onboard with this being the future of netplay.


Indie games are now online

Indie game developers pour their heart and soul into building an incredible game for you to love and enjoy. After years of toiling on the game development, the last thing they usually want to do is delay the release of the game for another year to build matchmaking and online multiplayer. Despite this, the Steam Forums are typically overwhelmed with comments requesting online co-op. This is where Parsec shines. Rather than building the netcode and matchmaking, these games instantly become online capable with Parsec.


If you are a game developer and want to talk about integrating with Parsec, we'd love to hear from you.