Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming unlocks the power of a GPU gaming PC on any device. With Parsec, you have the choice of several hardware providers across the entire world. We focus on making sure you have the lowest latency, 60FPS streaming available.

60 FPS with minimal latency

At Parsec, we believe that cloud gaming will help more people enjoy PC gaming and unleash a wave of creativity as games are distributed differently.

We know, however, that cloud gaming is not right for everyone today. If you play more than 8-10 hours of games each week and you want the best experience possible, you should still build/buy your own gaming PC.

The Cloud Gaming Marketplace

Hardware on-demand from anywhere in the world

We work with several providers to give you the freedom to choose the location, hardware, and price of your gaming machine in the cloud. At Parsec, we focus on eliminating the annoyances of managing these cloud machines and on the low latency, 60 FPS, HD gaming experience.

Parsec's rentable cloud gaming computers are basically magic. I don't game enough to warrant building a $1500+ PC, so their solution is pretty amazing for folks like me.

Josh Pigford

Pricing and logistics

When you choose a gaming PC from the Parsec Cloud Gaming Marketplace, it's yours for keeps as long as you have a positive balance in your Parsec account. Each hardware provider offers different pricing models and hardware. We give you the freedom to choose how you want game. Today, you can choose from a $0.40 per hour Paperspace machine to a much larger (and more expensive) Amazon computer. In the future there will be more great providers in the marketplace.


If you have GPUs and a datacenter looking for more customers, we'd love to hear from you. We're starting to onboard more providers across the world now. You have to have GPU machines with hardware encoding capabilities and an API similar to AWS. Our requirements are here.